Full color LED display USES the purpose - 'array' control system Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
There is no doubt that the full color LED display is the most popular in today's society a display, full-color LED display control system adopts 'array' is the purpose of the control system for the sake of what? Below we together to discuss: full color LED display control system of the 'array' control system consists of a main control board, a number of vice control board and installed in the casing of a number of scanning display panels, equivalent to a set of control system is adopted in each case, use this structure to improve the reliability of the display screen and display fully the effect, ascending in the effect is more apparent, very good solve the high-end LED display play video in the frame frequency is not high, the grey scale and color uniformity is bad. The birth of the generation of control system and improve the meta heng photoelectric technology advantage in screen control, and signal processing technology is a further improvement. After adopted the 'array' control system, first of all, can display the repetition frequency of above increased from 60 hz to 120 hz, resolving power of is far greater than the eyes, make the person is in when viewed no stroboscopic phenomenon and water ripple, improve the quality of the display. Second, the display can be red, green, blue three colors of gray level from level 256 to level 1024, make the color more bright-coloured, better color reducibility, show more real images. Finally, using the LDVS signal is transmitted, maximize to avoid the loss of signal, make whole LED full-color display screen display content synchronization, improves the consistency of the screen the entire screen without any color color piece.
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