Full color LED display user communication with suppliers Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
A complete set of full color LED display mainly includes the control computer, the LED display system, LED screen, Including box) These three parts, including the control computer and LED display system equipment manufacturers in the industry the use of roughly the same brand. For the quality of the LED screen in the composition of its components is various and complex, is an important part of decision display quality. In this part, light emitting components ( 领导) And drive components and the choice of power supply unit is particularly important. When buy in addition to the quality guarantee of full-color LED display components, users and suppliers of communication is also a little not: suggested that users and suppliers should seriously communication as follows: 1. Detail their actual demand, investment budget and the desired effect, and provide manufacturers. 2. To the factory the dimensions actual strength of manufacturer of understanding, integrity, the content of the after-sales service, to avoid be deceived. 3. Show its detailed project development needs and future planning, require the feasibility of the manufacturer to provide the best solution, and to extend the functionality of the program design is put forward, in order to ensure that the project can meet the demand of their own reality and the future use, avoid the waste of resources. 4. Different LED production process, the screen assembly process, installation, technical experience, will directly affect the whole project schedule, cost, safety, performance, display effect and service life and maintenance cost, don't fall into the price trap.
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