Full color led display unit board the difference - black light and white light above LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Why there are a lot of people have this doubt, full-color led display unit plate above the lamp bead color is black or white? What is the difference between them? What will save electricity and energy saving, to teach you to distinguish their concept and the difference between the first unit plate above the white light is currently the most popular one of the most popular, but at the time of LED brightness is more and more big, leds have don't need to make white can achieve satisfactory results. In order to meet the requirements of people of image fidelity, unit plate supplier to differential marketing developed a new type of black light LED improve the contrast of LED display. Compare their difference between black lights LED display is the packaging plastic stent for black LED display screen. Compared with general LED display, black lights LED display contrast ratio is higher, the impression of the whole screen more unified. To sum up, in fact, the black lamp is a new kind of product price is more high, although the black light well under normal usage scenario is more outstanding, but the difference is really to the naked eye is not too big, must with the help of a professional instrument, there is no denying that the black lamp is a kind of trend, but the quality of the products is subject to market test
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