Full color led display two worlds fishing city restaurant - in guiyang Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
In recent years, the LED display in the hotel industry more and more used in the case of advertising information, a few days ago, by providing indoor full color LED display successfully settled in guiyang outland fishing city restaurant, guiyang is the capital of guizhou, Lin 'in the city with plateau characteristics of urban modernization, China's first national forest city, circular economy pilot cities. With a comfortable temperature, humidity, wind speed advantage, moderate low ultraviolet radiation, clean air and water quality excellent, altitude is appropriate, such as low energy summer climate advantages, on the top of 'China top ten summer tourist city', by the Chinese meteorological society awarded the title of 'summer capital of China'. Guiyang two worlds three restaurants have a wedding banquet hall, can undertake table for 15, 20, 40 tables and luxurious rooms 20, from 8 to 20 balconies, 26, 30, 40 people. Decorate a style is concise and bright warm and elegant, popularization of outland restaurant is committed to make high quality food and beverage, requires good business sense has a face, let a guest services required in the true contentment. Project p4 full-color led display, the use of high-end led chips, colourful, maximize the reduction of real scene. The display screen can be used to play DVDS, graphics, images, live, etc. , can fully meet the hotel use requirements of various kinds of daily business interaction. The screen brightness can be adjusted to achieve level 100, meet the hotel during the day, Highlight) Or at night, Low light) Wait for a variety of brightness requirements, and the LED light source has the long life 100000 hours, from the late maintenance a lot of trouble. Also provide a custom switch display screen, and other functions, control system can automatically start playing according to hotel scheduled time scheduled content, without artificial unattended, a large amount of human liberation. Led display compared to peers: 1, the luminous intensity is strong, direct sunlight within visual range screen surface, content can be clearly seen. 2, static scan technology, and fully ensure luminous intensity. 3, automatic brightness adjustment function, can be shown in different brightness environment for best effect. 4, comprehensive of imported large scale integrated circuit, greatly improve the reliability, convenient for debugging maintenance. 5, advanced digital video processing, distributed scanning technology, BSV high-definition LCD splicing technology, modular design/constant current static drive, automatically adjust the brightness, super bright, pure color pixels image picture clear, no jitter and ghosting, put an end to the distortion. Video, animation, graphics, text, images, such as a variety of information display, networking and remote control. Business line Mr. Liu: 189, 2650, 1801 ( QQ: 1990888666) Mr. Li: 180, 3308, 4888 ( QQ: 1265888666) Hall: 180, 3813, 5483 ( QQ: 2880698553) Zhou min: 159, 8942, 1922 ( QQ: 2880698554) Li jie: 181, 2990, 3316 ( QQ: 2880698552) Zheng: 138, 2350, 6258 ( QQ: 2880698555) Zeng Yating: 133, 1689, 5867 ( QQ: 2880698556)
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