Full color LED display to send card data lights flashing, or normally on - and big screen Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
As a full color led display manufacturer to tell you how to solve this problem, generally send card data lights flashing, and domestic blank screen or normally on. The processing method is: check whether receiving card green light flashing, if flash: ( 1) Check the ribbon cable is plugged into the ( 2) Receiving card power supply voltage is normal; ( 3) The LED studio after the upgrade the latest version to send and receive card scan files ( RCG program) 。 If the green light do not flash: (receiving card 1) With short_net line test, if the green light flashing, explain the quality of the cable has a problem in cable or Ethernet cable is not well, redo. ( 2) If use short_net line green light does not flash, check voltage, receiving card in receiving card, change again not to send card. Countless according to green light do not flash that send card sent to the display, may for three reasons: one, send CARDS DVI interface is not properly connected or loose; Second, graphics desktop not extend or copy; Three, sending card is bad ( DVI connection correct cases, the graphics card doesn't recognize to send card display, shall not extend or replication) The last may be card is locked, so you need to know the password or unlock it above the solution of the problem is.
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