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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Full color LED display experts tell everyone in the use of LED display a usual need to pay special attention to the problem: it is looking at the screen, for the harm of eyes exactly what? And how can these risks can be reduced? The human eye perception of brightness is dynamic, automatic photosensitive control device like a camera, the human eye can quickly scan the environment brightness illumination and adjust the pupil size in order to adapt to the environment. The experimental results show that the adjustment and it takes just a few seconds to adapt to the environment of high brightness, however, from the environment of high brightness adjustment to low light environment will experience is a long process, according to different starting brightness, the human eye to adjust time should be more than 5 minutes, in order to adapt to completely dark environment, the longest, the human eye takes 30 minutes to see the surrounding objects. Brightness contrast when the brightness of the LED display and the environment is bigger, to adapt to the brightness LED display and the environment at the same time, the human eye pupil need to constantly adjust, in order to adapt to the bright dark, bright dark constantly change, can see the screen. This is bound to cause eye pupil to adjust lag and brightness changes, a large number of LED optical radiation energy into the fundus, harm the retinal tissue. The pupil size is different, directly affect the light into the eye. Because the light is dark eye pupil differences in different environment, needed for the same degree of retina damage dose can be several orders of magnitude difference. That is to say, in a bright environment, the LED light up to make the person feels uncomfortable, but, in the dark environment, the LED light can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. This is why the brightness of the display screen should be strictly brightness matching with the environment. Low frequency blinking LED display can lead to eye pupil constantly adjust, trying to adapt to the flashing brightness changes, stronger feeling of discomfort that generates the viewer. Low-frequency flicker can cause at the same time, on the background of LED display video footage from rolling stripe images, affect the quality of LED display. Friendship prompt the user, the main purpose of the brightness adjustment is based on the ambient light intensity, adjust the LED the whole screen brightness, the LED display screen looks is clear and bright and not dazzling. Most domestic LED display production enterprises have implemented the function of this, but really good with this technology enterprise and the user is not much.
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