Full color led display technology solutions - at the gym Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Full-color LED display technology has been very perfect at present, the basketball court and football field is equipped with display has become a modern stadiums necessary supporting facilities. So he has what function? Real-time display video images, real-time live, broadcast radio and television and satellite television; Broadcast video, DVD and other video program. Can also display a variety of graphics, design, animation and other computer information; Broadcast system can input and play different information, with functions of automatic playback. Can be used according to different rules and the corresponding application software according to rank, achievement, record results, such as game project is introduced. According to different events and easily set up any time, can change the increasing and decreasing, walking, reset, pause, is timing, the countdown, with functions of automatic final report to the police. Slow-motion replay more form the basis for the referee to make the right decision, to maintain the fairness and justice of the game, to reduce the unnecessary conflict. Highlights, slow-motion replay, close-up, bring the audience a perfect visual feast. Broadcast of commercial advertising to match the scene icing on the cake, the perfect quality and sound effect, make the scene more game atmosphere and shock. Led display technology advantage has a. Single pixel correction technology, suitable for each pixel, each module, each box body and the whole screen, the screen is perfect white balance effect. b。 Automatic color calibration, to adjust the color temperature function, one over one million of the calibration allows you to get a perfect live images. c。 Up to 2000 hz refresh rate, high for LED display screen is more stable, effectively avoid the filming of stroboscopic phenomenon. d。 Professional sports player software, high efficient optical fiber transmission, effectively reduces the signal delay phenomenon in the process of live, to ensure the live to with the precision of synchronization, the referee system. So generally regular stadium, install a full-color led display is the most basic infrastructure, if you are still considering, then you are out, hurry to call contact manufacturer!
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