Full color LED display system which function can be divided into - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Full color LED display screen clear, uniform color, high brightness, and the use of ultra-high brightness LED, is still clearly visible over a long distance. Good effect; Choose nonlinear proofreading skills, more clear picture, administrative levels feeling stronger; Reliability: choose distributed scanning and modular programming skills, higher reliability, stability; Usually full-color LED display system according to the function can be roughly divided into the following four some: video conversion and processing, video control, information transmission and control. 1, the video conversion and processing: all kinds of different video signals through their respective processing pathway, according to the set of requirements, transformation method for unity, again after selected set of DVI signal processing, pattern of DVI output to control some video. 2, information transmission, to facilitate the transmission, the signal will be processed into serial digital signals, the cable or fiber optic system for transmission, and will restore after serial signal to the screen, processing distribution after manipulation of the respective LED control unit. 3, video control, video and computer DVI DVI signal by the respective D to D transformation, and Fi - Fo ( First in first out) After storage and messy coding process, constitute a material system in conformity with the LED show system standard. Then under the control circuit, the two pictures close 2 for one. Complete computer pictures of video superposition ( 躺着) 。 Manifest 4, control: control module is all system is one of the key some, the quality of the module and function resolution picture quality and function. Feelings of the human eye to color have no direct contact with the spectral lines of light scattered, namely the human eye can distinguish between colors of three kinds of change: brightness, color saturation harmony. Modern colorimetry is chosen to the rules of the CIE color measuring principle, material and the calculation method, which we are familiar with the CIE1931 chromaticity diagram. According to the CIE chromaticity diagram, we choose for the LED constant current step driving method, and complete for each pixel to control and use special technology, ensure the full color LED display under different conditions to complete the best color, brightness and color saturation matching harmony.
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