Full color led display specific role - in the field of public facilities Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Needs little change in the field of public facilities, is one of the strong market. The government administrative department, state organs, organizations, schools and so on bulletin boards, and the latest meteorological information service brand, and road traffic information card and so on all have full color trend. These will become the important development direction in the future, at the same time also is able to give full play to the full color LED display field of high brightness, long life advantages. So, full-color LED display play what role in the field of public facilities: 1, the airport flight dynamic information shows that the civil aviation airport construction is very clear to the requirement of information display, full-color LED display is the first selection of flight information display system products. 2, dispatching command center information display power scheduling, vehicle dynamic tracing gas vehicle scheduling management, etc are also gradually with high density of full color LED display. 3, postal, telecommunications, shopping malls shopping center and other services in the field of business promotion and information display. Services across the country have a domestic full-color LED display in information shows that play a role. 4, release carrier of traffic guidance system. With the development of intelligent transportation system 'ITS'. , in the field of urban transportation, highway, etc, LED display as a variable information board, speed limit signs etc widely application. 5, securities trading, financial information display. The field of LED display accounted for more than a few years ago more than 50% of the domestic demand for full-color LED display, is still the main demand for the LED display industry. 6, port, station passenger guidance information display, full-color LED display as the main body of information system and broadcasting system, display system, ticket time of train information system constitute the automation system of passenger transport hub, such as Beijing station and Beijing west railway station, operate, dalian port and other domestic important railway stations and ports are installed the domestic factory like to provide products and systems. 7, full-color LED display, business centre in the hotel service guide system and intelligent building distributed query system, talent market and labor market supply and demand information consulting service system, exhibition and trade fair information query system, hospital DaoYi query system in the areas of application are more common.
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