Full color LED display - should be how to choose LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
LED display in fact there are many kinds, including full color LED display screen is the development of a better one. In the applications of our life is more also. For display in our life gradually began to play a more important role, so now we know for the LED display is also becoming more and more. Many manufacturers have begun production of LED display, but now we have slowly become aware of a problem, that is the LED display now obviously had no future, because most of the manufacturers have begun the production, the production of display screen in addition to pat on different products, are basically similar, the price difference is not particularly big. So we will be in the industry to seek some sort of technical innovation on it. For example, full-color LED display is like this. So now it's time to look at, full-color LED display should be how to choose. First, we should choose is full-color LED display of the flatness, we through the full color LED display watching the video, will there be some distortion of the situation. Most of the time a problem we all care about, is through the LED display, we would like to see pictures or want to express, can because LED display itself, and cause a distortion. Like ourselves through camera pictures, on their mobile phone looks not very clear, this is related to the problem of a pixel. Even the phone pixels again good, also than but camera pixels. And we want to compare is, through the full color LED display, after will still appear such problems. Is at the time of use, we will have a look not clear picture, if there is such a situation, we'd better is don't choose to display. But we can choose to display, this problem can get a good solution, we can see the pictures after the screen play, even can achieve better results. So we should choose will choose display. Second, full-color LED display brightness, most of the time display all play a role in a same, that is to attract customers. But as we know, a lot of screens have a visual Angle of the problem, just like when we watch TV, we stood in the same level with TV, we will see what is the content of the TV. Because this is the point of problem, even a lot of times as long as we stand beside the TV also can't see the TV content, because of the Angle, we can't see the light refraction, reflections on the surface because of the TV. And our full color LED display with audience from all angles, if Angle is not very big, there will be a lot of people can't see the screen, will lose a lot of customers. So we should choose the Angle is large, but also can adjust brightness, if brightness is too high, a lot of people will feel dazzling, don't look at screen, and if the brightness is too low, we will feel can't see clearly again. Full color LED display more trouble when the choice, but we are still to be careful when choosing. No wrong. Shenzhen LED display manufacturer' Service hotline: 4008 368 - 386 】 Is a research and development production and sales of indoor-outdoor full-color LED display, LED large screen and stage LED color screen, etc. Products of large enterprises. http://www。 xccled。 cn/
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