Full color LED display screen solution - flower LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
LED display screen flower fault how to solve? Full color LED display screen cannot display normally have a variety of reasons, here for full color LED display screen to do a summary of how to solve. If electricity is flowers on the new screen. That might be set scanning the control right, or no rows to ( Check from the control card to the first row of the board) , 5 v power supply wrong also can appear the problem. If use after a period of time, suddenly found this phenomenon that in addition to control card failure, most likely is the board into the water to burn the chip or power supply. And can try to connect a DVI interface display, first look at the video card whether DVI output signal is normal. General spirit star rain, DVI interface is 1024 * 768 resolution. The cause of LED display screen flower, also may be a graphics card problem, or the driver problem. Try to display the receiving card behind debug button cable pulled out by the receiving card, look at the screen body scan is normal. In addition, other cause of full color LED display screen flower, also for your reference: 1, LED display screen can't display the solution: check the electronic display power supply is normal, whether there is a 220 v high voltage input 2, LED electronic display screen display is not normal, flower screen resolution: ( 1) LED control card parameter Settings are correct, if there is any signal transmission to the LED electronic display control card; ( 2) Whether the communication line communication is normal, check to see if the LED control card has signal input; ( 3) LED control card 5 v power supply is normal; 3 part, electronic display screen display is not normal, such as black screen, flower screen resolution: check showed abnormal screen power supply is working correctly; Signal transmission line fault; Screen a single module failure. 一个。 There is something wrong with the output 1, check whether the line of the output interface to the signal output IC connection or short circuit. 2, test the output clock latch signal is normal. 3, test the last driver IC level between the output data is connected to the output interface of data mouth mouth or short circuit. 4, chassis, heat dissipation is not good, lead to the graphics card temperature caused by. Solution: heat dissipation problem. Check whether the fan operation is normal, to the fan refuels, clean the dust inside the case and solve the problem of heat dissipation after the fault can be ruled out. 5, reshipment system, graphics card or display does not support high resolution. The solution: ( 1) Restart your computer, press F8 to continuously key, in the advanced boot menu, choose to enter 'safe mode' enter login system, and then under the Windows into the display Settings, select 16 color, click on the 'application' button, click on the 'sure' button. ( 2) Restart your computer, in the normal mode, the Windows into the device manager, remove the graphics card drivers, restart your computer. Above is the full color LED display screen flower reason and solution. From simple to complex, from basic to start with, we can solve the problem. Really bad after-sales service support, please.
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