Full color LED display screen ghosting is going on here

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-29
LED full-color display application often is in a state of circulation broadcast video, and this kind of dynamic display line switch will recharge column or row line parasitic capacitance, causes some at the moment should not be bright LED lights appear dark, this is called ghosting phenomenon. Ghosting phenomenon caused by the main reasons are the following: (1) the graphics card driver problem. Can try to update the graphics drivers and re-install graphics driver, also suggested that adjust the resolution and refresh rate, can also be related to the response time of LCD. (2) video card problem. Can try to pull plug, and clean the gold fingers, at the same time can look at the video card fan is operating normally. (3) cable problem. Look at the need to replace the wires, or check whether cable bending. (4) screen line problem. The VGA line, check whether this wire connection is normal, if there is any loose problem. Can change the good quality VGA thread try, other VGA line to stay away from the power cord. (5) display problems. The display from other normal PC, if the problem still could be display problem. LED display shadow elimination technique can make the display more exquisite, make the picture show high-definition; Low power consumption can be in LED display in the process of long-term use of electrical energy saving way to achieve low cost application and energy conservation and environmental protection requirements; The more stable the refresh rate is higher, according to the picture, to provide technical support for the fine quality display, but also makes the human eye to watch the display effect not fatigue, and can satisfy the demand of high speed photography. All aspects is also so, promoted the effect, also strong promote the development of the whole of the LED display application technology. Current shadow elimination technique effectively eliminate the phenomenon of ghosting and when the ROW ( n) Line and ROW ( n + 1) Line line, current shadow elimination function automatically recharge parasitic capacitance Cc, when the ROW ( n + 1) Line conduction, will not be charging of parasitic capacitance through lamp 2 Cc, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of ghosting. In order to reduce the power consumption of the LED display, introduced a low power consumption products. By lowering the constant-current inflection point voltage, thereby lowering power supply voltage of LED display. Because this way also reduces the power supply voltage, the red light can be necessary concatenated resistance to eliminate the pressure drop of 1 v. Through these two aspects of improvement, to achieve low power consumption, high quality applications. In short, whether shadow elimination technique or current shadow elimination technique, drive technology of the main function is to clear picture stability like computer graphics drivers, ensure quality is fluent, finally realizes the full color LED display precision hd display.
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