Full color LED display program - with the network connections Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Full color LED display, indoor outdoor energy-saving highlighting high refresh portable products, such as in all walks of life have different requirements for LED display, so buyers in distinguish abundance when choosing LED display and LED display, to gather their demand to the maximum extent LED display products are conform to their own needs. Below about network and full-color LED display skills: users through the web pages to deal with all kinds of information, there are mainly publish the information, review the information, equipment monitoring, equipment is dealt with, the user to transact, log, data protection, etc. Users according to assign permissions to show equipment to deal with. ShengXing, branch, branch, only outlets have corresponding user permissions can be appeared on governance by the terminals and protect multi-level organization can release information and deal with the group and affiliated organization of equipment. Full color LED display the key of network interconnection function design and end: ( 1) Network direct manipulation of the process, it builds UDP packets and aired pleas IP address, together to monitor policy network port 68, UDP packets capture returned, solution to separate the IP address of the PC and the IP address of the full color LED screen, and then set the IP address of the PC, to deliver the full-color LED screen to the IP address of the main process, is the mission of network directly connected. ( 2) LED control software, when a user selected network direct method, a network direct manipulation of the child process, over the network direct channel setting up, after finished, close the process. ( 3) Full color LED display the DHCP service process and its acceptance of the IP address of the PC to build and set the IP address, and come back to the IP address of the PC of pseudo DHCP package.
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