Full color LED display price - with no major quality relationship Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Full color LED display and its quality is not price, so how to distinguish the stand or fall of full-color LED display? Small make up to you to collect some related information, combined with about the following: 1. Roughness, surface roughness of LED display to within + / - 1 mm, to ensure that the display image is not distorted, local convex or concave leads to display the visual Angle of corner. The stand or fall of flatness is mainly decided by the production process. 2. The brightness of the brightness and the viewing Angle: indoor full color to above 800 CD/m2, outdoor full color brightness to above 1500 CD/m2, to guarantee the normal work of the screen, otherwise it will because the brightness is too low and can't see shown in the image. The size of the brightness mainly decided by the stand or fall of LED lamp bead. Viewing angles directly depends on the size of the LED display how many of the audience, and the bigger the better. The size of the viewing Angle is mainly composed of tube core encapsulated way to decide. 3. The white balance effect: white balance effect is one of the most important indicator LED display. Chromatology on red, green and blue color for the proportion of 1:4. Lost. 16 will only show the pure white, if the actual rate is a little deviation will appear white balance deviation, generally pay attention to whether there is a slant blue, white slant yellow phenomenon. The stand or fall of the white balance is mainly composed of LED display control system to determine, lamp bead of color reducibility may also be affected. 4. Color reducibility: color reducibility is refers to the LED display of color reducibility, the color of the LED display shows both to maintain highly consistent with the colour of the source, so as to ensure the image sense of reality. 5. There are many different kinds of product design: full color LED display, indoor outdoor energy-saving highlighting high refresh portable products, such as in all walks of life have different requirements for LED display, so buyers in distinguish abundance when choosing LED display and LED display, to gather their demand to the maximum extent LED display products are conform to their own needs. From the above five aspects as you can probably tell the stand or fall of full-color LED display, now know why full-color LED display price is out of step with full-color LED display quality reason!
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