Full color led display p10 installation tutorial

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
LED display LED display installation tutorial simple topology LED display control card set 1. Settings screen and screen and password is commonly 888, 168, 666 and so on, if you don't know can ask installation personnel. Entering after first test whether can connect display. And then set display parameters, each manufacturer of control card set may be slightly different, but they are all used to calculate the width. For example p10 long 5 m * 5 m LED display screen, screen and set is 5000 / he, 00/10 = 500:500. 2. After load the setup screen and can be inserted into the text or picture video. If it's usb debugging is completed directly import the u disk. If it is full color debugging and synchronization monitor screen of a computer.
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