Full color led display, outdoor installation need to pay attention to

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
Good color led display screen performance ability is busy city beautiful scenery line, if you want to outdoor display screen with good, first install mode is indispensable, in general, full color outdoor led display installation steps are mainly: field investigation, use equipment construction, commissioning and follow-up monitoring of the four main parts. 1. Field survey and outdoor led display before installation, should need for the environment and landform, luminous radiation scope and brightness to accept ability to a unified test parameters, such as, in order to ensure the smooth installation of the billboard, must before lifting the installation according to the lifting scheme of unified command staff, so that can ensure the normal use. 2. Equipment to build outdoor led full color at the time of build, should pay attention to distinguish the difference between wall advertising screen and hanging screen, at the time of actual installation, should according to the distance and height, segmented with the crane hoisting, at the same time, guarantee the above personnel cooperation with each other, according to the operation of outdoor led advertising screen, have a more good installation process, in the process of building security and intensification of operation is the first requirement of equipment set up. 3. Light emitting radiation scope of debugging. 4. Follow-up testing testing mainly includes the range of led full color waterproof, heat sink, heat loss, led waterproof coating on the surface of the place such as detection.
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