Full color LED display, outdoor advertising market booming - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Full color LED display screen in the outdoor advertising market booming, cities at all levels quickly follow up the preparation of outdoor advertising media company screens used in advertising. Installed in many small and medium-sized cities, display, to spread information, beautify the city image, improve the grade of urban outdoor full-color LED display advantage analysis: 1, advertising content updates faster advertising agents and publishers can update the content, only need to control computer operation, update process is not restricted by other external conditions. According to statistics, the large screen update once a month on average advertising content, while a small display less but more AD, will change once a week. 2, release information easily full-color LED display is a computer monitor, connecting through a cable or wireless communication and computer connection, as long as the simple set, the computer can be used to publish the contents of advertisements, convenient and quick. 3, advertising forms full-color LED display is usually set up more than traffic, traffic arteries in public places, in the form of intuitive, image, vivid advertisement attract viewers active attention, is wider, more force than the traditional media to watch. In addition to the outdoor advertising, but also can release information. 4, energy conservation, environmental protection, full-color LED display, energy conservation, environmental protection, all-weather work, completely adapt various ELieXing outdoor environment, have anticorrosive, waterproof, moistureproof, lightning protection, strong overall seismic performance, cost-effective and shows good performance, etc.
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