Full color led display on the performance parameters of it, how to distinguish good or bad - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Shenzhen full-color led display show a wide variety of led display for exhibitors dazzling, so we should how to distinguish the stand or fall of led display? Starters, guard the entrance, the layman watching, as a professional experience to share some of their own choosing. In terms of performance parameters, the so-called good LED display, also refers to the screen has a high gray scale, high refresh rate, high utilization rate. Here is to introduce how these a few characteristics of LED display, LED display the gradations of color is gray or gray, is refers to the brightness of light and shade degree. For the LED digital display technology, gray is to display the number of color. In general gray level is higher, shows the more colorful, the picture is more exquisite, more abundant details. High refresh rate refers to the electron beam on the image on the screen the number of repeat scanning is higher. The refresh rate is higher, shown in the image ( The picture) The stability is better. The refresh rate will directly decide the price, but due to the refresh rate and the resolution limit and therefore only achieve high refresh rate under high resolution in this way can display as excellent performance. Currently on the market normal LED display refresh rate of about 7500 to 1600 hz, for high refresh rate of more than 4500 hz. Helpful hints if you decide to purchase, you polish your eyes, don't be deceived by undesirable businessman, ask all aspects of the parameters, several contrast will buy the best cost-effective full-color led display
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