Full color led display on the energy conservation to calculate is a qualified screen LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Energy saving is the name of the led industry has been Shouting, but in practice, full-color led display real energy saving effect is little, instead many screens need to waste a lot of energy. Energy saving not only is an important strategic measure of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, and for the LED display industry, also is the necessary way of long-term development. Enterprise advocating energy-saving concept, to establish the industry benchmark, high-end performance, improve product if 10 square meters of LED display can save electricity once a day, 365 days a year to save 365 KWH, calculated at 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour, so an LED display screen can save electricity charges 360 yuan each year. If all over the country to promote energy-saving LED display, saving electricity is unimaginable large. In order to realize the energy saving effect, many enterprises emphasize in brightness. Energy saving is not equal to energy saving, energy saving is not equal to high brightness, high brightness and energy saving of LED display a kind of expression, and some manufacturers biased, believe brightness, the higher the energy conservation, the signal launch obviously confused people really understand for energy saving. In order to achieve high brightness effect, screen companies began to pursue the large size chips. At present domestic more popular 12000 CD/m2 high brightness led lamp basically is the use of large size led chip. To get such a high brightness, can only increase the drive current. However, high brightness leds with low attenuation, high stability characteristics. High attenuation is not conducive to long-term use requirements of LED display, also can become excessive pursuit of high brightness of birth defects, and the birth defects will be ever-present damage of the life and picture of the LED display. Energy saving is a spontaneous behavior of enterprises, is a kind of sense of responsibility, rather than opportunistic marketing strategy. Became popular when the wind of energy-saving, companies began to blind, false compare energy-saving index, thus ignore the essential requirement of energy saving, energy-saving pursuit makes become overdo. In order to achieve the ideal goal of energy saving, display manufacturing enterprise situation. From a technical point of view, to realize saving energy can have a variety of methods, such as adopting energy-saving drive chip, using low voltage power supply at the same time improve the efficiency of power supply, improve display screen brightness at the same time reduce the current drive, improve the control system of the attenuation and the utilization of the LED brightness, save transportation energy consumption, from static to scan work or from flicking becomes much less, and so on. The way more or less can improve the energy saving effect of LED display, over 60% of energy use can even entirely, but it also increase the cost of the corresponding. Therefore, how to improve the energy saving effect display as far as possible under the condition of the compression cost, this is a big challenge for manufacturing companies. Full color LED display enterprise energy saving as well as the success of enterprise development, is closely related to the choice of operation mode. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. All the way from initial germination development, technology innovation, professional training, to ensure product quality, perfect after-sales service, enhance the price and the brand advantage. Our company with 'not want to do, and be sure to do, in a professional, integrity, innovation, harmony and common development.
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