Full color LED display mode of normal aging Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Full-color LED display, the consumption of ordinary are design, procurement, consumption, and waste, waste aging process, such as talents in the market use, full-color LED display is required after the stage of aging, full-color LED display in sports, square, category application stage, transportation, etc. Full color LED display aging: 1, full-color LED display normal aging method: ( 1) More than pipe series-parallel aging: strung together, string together and constant current and constant pressure aging and aging. ( 2) Aging more than pipe series: the constant pressure of ageing aging and constant current circuit. ( 3) Single GuanHeng flow aging. ( 4) More than tube parallel aging. 2, full-color LED display aging test attention to matters: ( 1) Video, text effects test not less than 48 hours. ( 2) Full color LED display aging test must be manned, found the problem report to engineering manager to stop treatment.
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