Full color LED display lights take protective measures - how to do Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Full color LED display lamp with good or bad depends on the quality of the screen, full-color LED display lamp belt plays a very important role, ensure the quality of the display lamp tape, can guarantee the quality of the whole full-color LED display, of course, will extend the service life of full-color LED display. Then the main factors influencing the LED lamp belt is as follows: 1, due to the LED lamp belt USES a constant current components, so different manufacturer production of LED lights, with constant current effect, of course, life is different also. Full-color LED display is mainly producing all kinds of LED display screen and parts, product quality is guaranteed, the effective guarantee for the quality of the lamp with, also has a high visibility. 2, the LED is electrostatic sensitive components, if you don't do a good when repair leds with anti-static measures, will burn out the LED, wasteful. If when maintenance full-color LED display lights to fault you cannot solve, you can directly find professional full-color LED display technology personnel for repair and maintenance in time, extend the service life of LED lamp belt. 3, power supply, full-color LED display lamp is generally USES the constant voltage power supply, full-color LED display head remind if the output of the power supply is not stable, or there is no effective protection measures, will the outer net voltage fluctuation voltage and current output is not stable, lead to work under non standard voltage LED lights belt, will also affect the service life of full-color LED display lamp belt, which directly affect the normal use of LED display. 4, full-color LED display lights with copper wire or the toughness of the flexible circuit board will lead to the LED lamp with fracture in bending, this time also can affect the service life of LED lamp belt. It is recommended that full color LED display must take effective protective measures, ensure the lamp with the toughness of the circuit board.
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