Full color LED display individual death lamp identification and prevention method Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Has LED not only used Yu Quancai LED display industry, but also widely used in the industries of floodlight lighting machine etc. , for its main products are the core material is the light-emitting diodes (leds), then it died how to identify and prevent wouldn't light? Led display dead light is simply an individual light bead can't work normally, this is commonly known as the death of light industry, the reason for the formation of 1. Because the LED the leakage flow is big, the p-n junction failure, LED lamp is not bright, this causes LED to death light does not affect the other 2 LED lights work. LED lights inside connection wire broken, LED no current through the resulting death light phenomenon, this kind of situation will affect the normal work of the other LED lights. Prevention of dead lamp method is due to electrostatic cause damage to the LED chip, failure will make the LED chip, resulting in leakage current increase, make it become a resistance device. We know that at present a lot of high precision electronic equipment are afraid of the influence of static electricity, so for the LED at the time of manufacture must pay attention to the electrostatic interference, in order to effectively prevent the leds in the process of production by the human body electrostatic interference, advice when making leds staff wear anti-static clothing, best equipped with electrostatic ring and static ring also should be good grounding effect. Wire broken cause of the LED lamp inside two point one is largely due to imperfect production technology of producing LED lights to LED lights inside the wire broken, just outside and encapsulation process problems. Along with the development of LED industry, LED businesses more and more, different businesses in the production of LED lights used in the production process is different, which lead to the production of product percent of pass is different also. , of course, in addition to the production process, production process is also one of the most important reason can not be ignored, so if companies want to make their own product qualified rate is higher shall pay attention to its processes all of the details, such as chip welding process, can say in the LED lamp reasons are mostly due to the LED lamp welding virtual welding in the process of making. How to identify whether the LED is caused by virtual welding die lamp, will not be bright LED lights will be LED with lighter fuses heated to 200 - 300 ℃, remove the lighter, and then use 3 v button cell according to the positive and negative connecting the LED, if the LED lights and as temperature lead to reduce the LED lamp by the light is not bright, it is because the virtual welding caused the death of the lamp. How to identify is LED lamp is death due to a welding or two welding problems, we can be the death of the virtual welding light two wire welding in a metal bar, with the concentrated sulfuric acid soaking, LED, external colloid solution, take out after dissolve colloid, under a magnifying glass or microscope to observe the welding condition of solder joints, you can find is a welding or two welding problem, is a gold ball welding the parameters set wrong, or other reasons, in order to improve the method and process, prevent virtual welding phenomenon happening again. As long as know the full-color led display individual light bead death light reason, the corresponding preventive measures are taken, in the production, packaging, when installing the led to be executed in strict accordance with the standards, avoid the happening of special phenomenon.
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