Full color led display how to choose the special accessories

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
Led display is the most important parts is led, generally good led to a whole part of the screen more than fifty percent of the quality, if there is no good choice of led, so the rest of the display again good also cannot make up for the defects caused by the screen quality problems. Why do you say is the most important part of the led display led? We can from the following three parts to illustrate. 1. Led is to determine the main part of the whole screen optical display performance, can be directly affect the evaluation of the user to display. 2. Led is the largest number of important components in full color used in the appliance, every square metre need to consume thousands or even tens of thousands of led lights. 3. Led display screen in overall cost in possession of the proportion is very big, is about thirty percent to seventy percent. So how do we choose led display special parts? 1. Brightness; 2. Failure rate; 3. Attenuation characteristic; 4. Antistatic ability; 5. Consistency.
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