Full color LED display has the advantages of large screen display - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Full color LED display has the advantages of large screen display, specific what are the advantage in the big screen? Small make up to you some related information, let's see together! Large screen display is another huge market, high brightness LED application include: graphics, text, digital monochrome, double color and full color display. Listed in table 2 of the LED display. Traditional big screen active show generally USES incandescent lamp, fiber optic, cathode ray tube, etc. ; Passive display generally adopt the method of double card. LED display has been limited to the LED itself performance and color. Nowadays, ultra-high brightness - AlGaInP, TS AlGaAs, InGaN LED has been able to provide a bright red, yellow, green, blue all sorts of color, can fully meet the requirements of realization panchromatic big screen display. LED display can be assembled into various structures according to the pixel size, less than 5 mm in diameter, and small pixel monochrome display of a T - for each pixel 1 ( 3/4) LED lights, double color display of each pixel of T - double color 1 ( 3/4) LED lights, full-color display requires 3 T - 1 red, green, and blue light, or assembling a T - more chips 1 ( 3/4) The LED lamp as a pixel. Large pixel by a lot of T - 1 ( 3/4) Red, green and blue leds light up together. With the InGaN ( 480海里) Blue, InGaN ( 515海里) Green and ALGaAs ( 637海里) Red leds as three primary colors of LED display, can provide a vivid full-colour performance, but also has great color include: blue, green, green, red, etc. , with the international television system committee ( NTSC制式) Regulation of TV color range. To learn more knowledge related to full-color LED display, please continue to focus on full color LED display manufacturer information updates, screen will be the best choice for you.
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