Full color LED display gradually affect our life Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
At first LED display, just as a kind of general lighting. Its depend on the characteristics of high intensity light source and pictures really is widely used in many categories. Let's see more of the field display, car lights, TV, and let's mobile phone, etc. Are adopted the skills. Which is more high-profile full-color LED display. With the innovation of science and technology skills, full-color LED display also constantly according to the requirements of all the days of the occurrence of the change. At first only as a communication device known as a commercial, then its science and technology of the state, to apply this skill more complete. It is not bound by any space range, be made into various different and beautiful shape, see more of a fan, arc, wavy, etc. Be avoided in without local, show information together to beautify the environment. In addition to the appearance changes, changes have taken place in it application category. From the original single lighting, applied to a lot of smart phones, also began to use this kind of low price imaging good screen as a mobile phone screen. Its radiation is smaller, the picture is more delicate. Full color LED display after color saturation, and its very long service life, and special circumstances can also have very good play the role, processing the TV for a long time be affected with damp be affected with damp, grainy, image is not clear, is liked by many TV manufacturers. Full color LED display has super wide Angle, you will be able in different point of view, to see to the most direct effect picture. Kua good images of the panoramic view. The color of their common tricolor principle, rich color, will screen the original effect. Real influence on our life.
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