Full color LED display different installation way LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
LED display according to different users using the environment, its installation method is different also, in general LED display installation way is divided into a variety of installations, there are: wall, cantilever, Mosaic, pillar, standing type, roof type, portable, stadium fences, leasing hoisting, arc form to install a variety of ways. Putting together the several common installation LED display industry: 1, inlaying installation: indoors, apply to smaller indoor screen. Due to the small space, in order to do not take up space, according to the screen size on the wall to dig out the area of the same size, the LED display embedded in the wall. Wall for the solid wall. With the method of before the maintenance, the cost is higher. Suitable for outdoor installation, set structure in building project has been included in the planning and designing the screen, in the civil engineering project construction reserved in advance screen installation space, only when the actual installation steel structure will make screen display embedded within the building metope, adequate maintenance space on the back. More than 2, wall-mounted installation: suitable for the installation of indoor LED display, area is lesser, 10 square meters) , wall requirement is solid wall, hollow brick or simple retaining wall are not suitable for the installation. More than 3, column installation: used for the installation of outdoor advertising LED electronic display screen, eye shot is open, around the place empty, such as square, parking lot, etc. According to the size of the screen area and can be divided into the installation of single column and double column type. Column installed in suitable for the installation of the LED display, outdoor screen is installed on the pillar. Column type in addition to the need to make the screen body steel structure, still need to make concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological condition. 4, rooftop installation: mainly applied to outdoor advertising LED electronic display screen, the installation site is mainly the roof of the building, with the increase of building height to consider windproof level along with the increase. 5, the structure of the buildings is on the ground with concrete build by laying bricks or stones a enough to support the whole LED display wall wall, construction steel structure installation screen on the wall, steel structure reserved 800 mm space for maintenance, related equipment and maintenance facilities place.
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