Full color LED display development trend in China - in recent years Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Full-color LED display industry has made remarkable achievements, but compared with international advanced level and the market demand is larger difference, technical innovation and industrial development also faces many problems needed to resolve. Below the gap to analyze full-color LED display industry: weak LED industry in China, the industrial innovation ability is the core technology has not been the fundamental breakthrough, less technical accumulation, mainly in intellectual property rights ( Patents and proprietary technology, etc. ) Fewer, especially in the extension, chips and other key areas less. In the face of the patent layout of developed countries and technology transfer restrictions, increase the independent innovation ability of LED industry in China is the top priority. Second, product structure, industry structure to adjust the market needs of high brightness LED chip, the device power more than 80% of the imports, along with the technological progress faster, large-scale application market is forming, the LED large-scale production capacity and the requirements of the product's performance is higher, to speed up the LED industrial structure and product structure adjustment of the pressing needs. Three, standard and testing system to be perfect with full-color LED display and LED lighting industry's rapid development, especially the rapid development of the application to semiconductor LED lighting direction, at present about semiconductor LED lighting related standard and testing system cannot meet the needs of industrial development and application. Product testing institutions and intellectual property service institutions need to speed up the establishment and the consummation. Four, industry scale small LED a total of about 3000 enterprises in our country, which is engaged in the epitaxial, chip research and production has more than 50 units, the device encapsulating of more than 1000 enterprises, manufacturing LED display, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lamp, LED back light and other downstream enterprise application products production enterprises around 2000. Small scale, weak anti-risk ability. In 2010 the national LED industry output value of 120 billion yuan, with high technical content of chip manufacturing and packaging production value is 29 billion yuan, accounting for 24%; Fittings and application products output value 90 billion yuan, accounting for 75%; The average price of product is less than 0. 3 yuan, is located in the low-end product level. The LED industry in China is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the biggest LED chip companies close to $100 million in annual revenues.
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