Full color led display cost is affected by the control system

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full color led display before buying to care about what the problem of the will, of course, concerned about the quality problem, will care about the problem on the using effect, also can care about price, want to know the price and what factors have relations, mainly to introduce in detail below cost of full color led display screen and what factors related? 1, under the influence of screen material full-color led display screen now has a variety of materials, these have bigger differences on different material price, good quality price will be more expensive on the nature, quality almost the price will be lower, led tube are also included in the core, such as IC driver chip prices. 2, affected by the control system of the control system includes two kinds of sending card and receiving card, only the number of identified two, you can calculate the price of led screen, typically led screen size to determine according to the meeting room. 3, under the influence of auxiliary equipment full-color led display auxiliary equipment is really many, including the power distribution cabinet, computer, audio amplifiers, etc. , these often don't have to purchase all configuration, should do is to choose according to the specific requirement. 4, is affected by the manufacturer of the full color led display manufacturer, in which the material of different manufacturer production is different, material is qualitative good price will be more expensive, material on bad price will be lower, and the manufacturer is different quality, different price are there exist certain differences. For price problem except under the influence of these factors, and also displays player software, steel, transportation costs, and so on have relationship, I hope you don't when buy a purchase price is low, have to pay attention to buy good quality, to recommend produced by guangdong Long Jian photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Double color led display has the advantage of higher safety performance
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