Full color LED display cooling method LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
In the face of the summer, the high temperature will make outdoor LED display 'miserable', can make the normal operation of outdoor LED display, improve heat dissipation of LED display, effectively improve the efficiency of the heat release of LED display, also can save electricity, is more advantageous to increase the effectiveness of the service life of the LED display mode, the commonly used thermal explain 1, fan cooling, lamp shell internal reinforced with long life high efficiency fan cooling, more commonly used method this method is low cost, good effect. 2, the use of aluminum radiator fins, this is the most common way of heat dissipation, use aluminum radiator fins as a part of the shell to increase the cooling area. 3, air, fluid mechanics, the use of lamp shell shape, make air convection, this is the lowest cost to strengthen the cooling method. 4, surface radiation heat treatment, lamp shell surface radiation heat treatment, is relatively simple daub radiation to paint, can be taken away from the lamp shell surface heat radiation way. 5, heat pipe cooling, the use of heat pipe technology, heat by LED display chip guide to shell the cooling fins. 6, thermal conductive plastic shell, when the plastic shell injection molding filling thermal conductive materials, so as to increase plastic shell heat conduction and heat capacity installed two, hang a wall and pillar type cooling solution 1, if the LED display installation way is the pillar, the best fan is used to heat, fan installed on the big screen on the back of aluminum-plastic plate, best upwards, so that when it rains in the form of rain of make it shutter is not into the screen. If it is a double column, is in the intermediate position of the double column a few shutter, arranges the window is the air inlet, the above is the vent fan, so form a complete air convection makes the effect of heat dispelling better. 2, if the LED display installation location is near the wall, to see how much LED display can stick out, if can protrude metope one meter position, choose the Suggestions according to the size of fan, fan installed in the upper part of the side of the screen, in turn, displaces. If the customer purchase the LED display is 80 square meters of P16 outdoor LED full color, to choose 6 sets of around 600 mm diameter axial flow fan. Especially pay attention to is to ensure that the fan is extraction to the outside, and is equipped with nets, in order to prevent the technical personnel in the maintenance of maintenance screen displays the time will be sucked through clothing according to personal injury. In addition to outside in the aluminum-plastic plate of fan outlet on the aluminum alloy shutter, can achieve the effect of waterproof.
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