Full color LED display - checking and removing abnormal signal Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
2014, full-color led display screen is widely used in all walks of life, whether in the station or store, led display is almost everywhere. However, in the actual operation of led display, the user is always complaining about when the abnormal signal led display a hindrance, as a manufacturer of science and technology to tell you how to check. 1, EN can make signal: this signal, generally for the problem of the control system, the performance of the common for the led display is too light or too dark, the solution is simple, modify the agreement or online manufacturers can solve a set of system, if the problem is really complicated, you can send the light module and receiving module and dismantling, back to the manufacturer maintenance, usually about ten days to return. Line 2, the ABCD signal: the problems, usually characterized by dislocation display content or images overlap, etc. Solution is: start the ABCD AB in the signal and other signal shut off, then adjust the maximum range of the binary for four 1, is 16. 3, CLK clock signal, its role is to provide shift pulse to register, when the signal is abnormal, the content of the led display screen will be scattered all, the whole screen can display content; Solution is to check whether the data and CLK clock signal is the same, only when the data and CLK clock signal phase at the same time, the transfer of a properly display the data
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