Full color LED display and full color LCD splicing screen advantages and disadvantages of contrast analysis - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
With the improvement of quality of life, people pay more and more attention to visual appreciation, so a lot of business or enterprise unit considering a full-color led display to show strength and propaganda orientation, there is another type of product on the market is liquid crystal splicing screen, so what is the difference between he and led display? How the advantages and disadvantages of the contrast between them, so as the manufacturer will give you answer. In order to better choose you need product carefully watch the full-color LED display will find as long as the screen size and pixel pitch and viewing distance, the appropriate type of this kind of direct display can obtain excellent results, showing exquisite, the whole screen reaches a certain viewing distance, the distance between points, don't watch carefully is simply don't see the trace of the splicing splicing screen light source is from light bulbs, LED to its power consumption is big, high heat, and use the brightness decreases after a period of time, the user must constantly change bulb to keep the original display effect. With the development of technology, thanks to the addition of LED light source, the current DLP splicing screen has solved the frequent replacement bulbs, large power consumption and high heat release a series of problems. DLP splicing screen after using the LED light source, not only on the service life and power to get a bigger breakthrough, also had a revolutionary change in color, let the DLP splicing screen to continue to maintain the market leading advantage. With the development of technology, there will be more new technology and new method applied to the studio background. We want to have a thorough understanding of their characteristics, in view of different conditions, the studio program form and requirements to choose technology products as a background, let these new technology to maximize their advantages and better service for programs and services for the audience. Summary, full-color led display is the market at present occupied the absolute main force, splicing screen because the middle have obvious trace and power consumption and price problem, has been slowly fade out the market
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