Full-color displays - p3 system parameters Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
P3 indoor full color LED display is indoor full color LED display series products contains the highest resolution, the product USES the SMD table process, pixel is 111111 per SQM, can play hd video files, belong to product of high-end LED display series, can be applied to various occasions for distributing video ads, high-definition video films, TV, etc. ; Full-color displays p3 system parameters: maximum brightness: & gt; 1200 cd /㎡; Gray scale correction: 16 bits; Contrast: 1000:1; Driving mode: constant current driver; Refresh rate: & gt; 400Hz; In the frame frequency: & gt; 140 frames per second; Software interface: DLL dynamic link library; Screen level perspective: 120 degrees ( Plus or minus 60 degrees) ; Screen vertical perspective: 120 degrees ( Plus or minus 60 degrees) ; The best visual range: 1. 5米~ 50米( Reference) ; Brightness control: a level 256 manual/automatic/schedule; Display mode: 1280 x 768 x 1024/1024, etc. ; Display interface: DVI/VGA video ( A variety of formats ; Grey scale: red, green and blue each level 1024, 10 display. 7. 4 billion color; Brightness: after correction & gt; 1000cd/㎡( ° 6500 k color temperature, after correction) ; The longest distance control: using optical fiber communication, control distance of 600 meters; Control mode: computer control, point by point one to one correspondence, video synchronization, real-time display; The input signal: DVI/VGA video ( A variety of formats , S -, RGBHV, composite video signal VIDEO、YPbPr( HDTV) 。
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