Full-color displays outdoor use must pay attention to the electrostatic, the influence of the temperature

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full-color display screen display effect is very good, bright color, but also shows for a long time in the outdoor, also can have the very strong propaganda effect, many stores the door of the first signs are starting to use. But because it is in the outdoor environment, so it is important to pay special attention to its quality and the usual maintenance, it is of high precision equipment, if bad maintenance case of damage will increase our cost. A, at ordinary times should pay attention to the electrostatic effect on its full-color displays using the electrostatic gold against it, should you pay attention to general production factory is a good anti-static measures, in the actual installation also has the corresponding measures to remove electrostatic, and tested after installation, ensure that reach the standard. Second, full-color displays heat dissipation design is also crucial a display want long life, its cooling capacity is very important, because it is in the work process of fever, temperature too gao will influence its stability, so the PCB thermal design is very important, the inside of the ventilation environmental aspects is crucial. Three, full-color display circuit design is also very important professional manufacturers in the aspect of circuit design is of great advantage, because the driver circuit configuration will affect the final brightness, design more reasonable will let show better, at the same time also does not affect the service life and reasonable circuit can let the entire screen brightness even more consistent. Use in the outdoor full-color display screen has become more and more common, the same quality of factory products also have higher requirements, there are many factors that can outdoor, to withstand sun feng shui, high temperature heat dissipation and waterproof and anti-static are key factors. Led manufacturers to teach you how to choose the outdoor display, know more about these parameters
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