Four types of screen splicing technology: LED, the LDP, DLP, PDP

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
Screen splicing has always been one of the popular technology and subject, the following four types of domestic joining together the most representative, today have their advantages and disadvantages of doing a simple analysis and comparison on the market of the mainstream of display products such as LED display, LCD display, they represent the latest technology, including screen splicing technology is undoubtedly one of the most popular topic, the following four types of screen splicing technology is the most representative, the following hair lian cheng group editors have their advantages and disadvantages of doing a simple comparison, convenient friends understand. LED display splicing by controlling the semiconductor light-emitting diode display mode, through the red, blue, white, bright green LED lights to display text, images, animation, video, content. Key: the bigger thinner more stability advantages: long life, can be displayed spherical, sturdy and durable, suitable for outdoor application faults: pixel sometimes obvious, the most delicate LED spacing of 1 mm, not easy miniaturization. LCD LDP spliced LCD itself is not illuminated, it depends on backlight tube to glow, therefore depends on the backlight tube of liquid crystal screen. Key: the higher thinner advantages: high resolution, the thickness of thin, light weight, long life faults: have latency problems, with DLP splicing gap obvious projection digital light processing, that is to say, this technology to the image signal through digital processing, and then the light projection. Key: the greater the higher strengths: seamless splicing, display area, the largest support spherical shows weakness: the lamp life, there must be a stitching ion plasma PDP display of the projection distance is a kind of use of gas discharge light emitting display device, the screen utilizes the plasma tube as a luminous element. Key: thinner advantages: high brightness, short response time conclusion: the above four types of time the advantages and disadvantages of each different, of course, what kind of screen is bad, not to say that they are suitable for use in their respective areas, including LED display as key areas of domestic products, broad prospects in the areas of outdoor advertising, stage stage.
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