Four big mistake - customers choose and buy the LED display screen Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
A, the choose and buy, please don't only look at price price may be the important factors influencing the LED sales, although everyone understand you get what you pay for the in the mind, but when choosing LED manufacturer will unconsciously to lower prices. Huge difference lead to customer ignore the quality. But in the process of actual use, may would like to actually is the quality gap. Second, the display 'model' is not necessarily the 'product' in the process of LED sales, I often touched the customer said, the same type of display, why are you so much than others to you. I was startled, actually because I quote customer channels to quote price is in accordance with the company. I discovered in a pure chance, the so-called same model and different actually. We P4LED screen, for example, generally we say P4LED screen refers to the pixel spacing is 4. 0 mm, but there are spacing 4 on the market. 81 mm, that is, p4. 81 screens, foreign customers don't understand, some sales staff use smoke screen, claims to be P4 full-color LED display. So the gap will be obvious, many don't understand customers thought spend low price to buy the good product. Three, technical specifications and parameter value is not the higher the better general customers purchasing LED display can choose several manufacturer for comparison, and then decided to LED suppliers. Comparison of two important is price and technical parameters. Under the condition of the price about, technical parameters is a triple substitutions. Many customers think parameter value target, the higher the screen quality is better. Is that really so? We take a simple example, the same is P4 indoor full color display, the display brightness value on this item. Some manufacturer will write 2000 CD/m2, some manufacturer will write 1200 CD/m2. The 2000 is better than 1200? The answer is not necessarily, because indoor LED screen brightness demand is not high, generally in the 800 - 1500 is ok. Brightness is too high will affect dazzling, in service life, high brightness and easy to overdraw display life ahead of time. So reasonable use brightness is the positive solution, the higher the brightness is not the better. Four, display production and testing is not the shorter, the better to buy the LED full color customer just place an order, just can't wait to take the arrival of the goods. We understand this kind of mood, but LED is customized product, the production will need at least 48 hours after the completion of detection test. LED display on the gb increase up to 72 hours of uninterrupted test 24 hours a day. Delivery too short generally there are two problems: one is without adequate detection test, the late use failure rate is relatively high; But some manufacturers do not have enough of the same batch of spot, likely to take orders for use of the same batch of goods. So screen will have clear off color, which greatly affect the LED display effect.
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