Foshan shunde p4 indoor full color LED display LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Recently, a school in the school in foshan shunde installed P4 indoor full color LED display, on both sides of a small screen in the middle a larger screen size of a total of 70 square, now the school in order to better spread the campus news and propaganda of campus culture, LED display also went into the many large and small schools. Schools to install the LED display screen has a lot of advantages, is going to have a holiday video, to show some scenery video broadcast school, living in campus small video, etc. , as the dissemination of knowledge in school, the research idea and spirit of the school, show kind of spirit as well as the daily life of the school, we installed the effect also obtained the widespread high praise of teachers and students. Full color LED display screen is now in an era of rapid development, with the progress and development of LED display technology, believe in the near future, full-color LED display will be used in more fields, under the rapid development of Internet, LED display lets you unexpected fast development.
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