For the LED display point correction

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-07
Point by point correction for normal operation and maintenance of LED display is quite important to a technology. Can make originally uneven light-emitting display to display properly. And install, must execute a program. So why is LED display must be updated? Because of various reasons lead to light bead color difference when show. Such as: 1. LED by itself the discreteness of birth defect ( 1) LED lamp manufacturers of own existence on the brightness and chromaticity difference ( 2) Spatial distribution characteristics of the LED luminous intensity exist difference, which can lead to different LED the luminous intensity on at any Angle relative to the optical axis direction inconsistency attenuation values; 2. Display manufacturing process is introduced into many other factors: ( 1) Module assembling flatness ( 2) Cabinet assembles the flatness, 3) Mask smoothness, and ink discreteness ( 4) Internal heat distribution inhomogeneity (module 5) LED optical axis direction deviation display normal direction when welding, especially into the LED optical axis direction of control? All LED screen factory, therefore, to a certain extent, there is a uniformity is not ideal. Why do LED display need point correction? Use some of the problems, the day after tomorrow, and LED display when using after a period of time, due to differences in individual LED light failure, and other external causes, evenness is bound to deteriorate further, showing it is appear on the display screen of pitting, bright spots and even Mosaic, commonly known as 'flower screen' phenomenon. The current display at millions of millions of investment, usually for advertising and business performance, etc, to display the image of high quality requirements. There are 100000 hours in the theory of life of the LED display, but in fact, a display screen after a run of about 5000 ~ 10000 hours will evenness worsened, began to grow flowers, commercial value is reduced, in 15000 ~ 20000 hours, commercial value is almost lost, caused great waste of social resources. Whether it is or use after a period of time before they go out, point by point correction technology can let users in a very short period of time, and very low cost improved display uniformity, significantly improve the image quality. Applied to before delivery, proofreading is a means of improving quality, mean the promotion of competitiveness and expand profit margins; Applied to use after a period of time, point by point correction can extend LED display 'yue eyes life', for the user to create more business value, reduce the waste of resources.
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