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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
In recent years, the domestic LED display industry fast development, the Chinese manufacturers in the field of LED display small spacing is 'clueless', related technology to achieve high level. Point spacing in shrinking at the same time, the thickness of the screen in a sharp compression, this was especially true in the maintenance of small spacing on the screen before, with its fine BoBing body big popular with the market. So, before the maintenance product what is the charm? The magic of science and technology is to change numerous for brief, have higher integration capabilities, a typical representative is Steve jobs has redefined the mobile phone. LED display areas are also facing similar change, people to see the LED screen, will often big, heavy, thick, installation and maintenance ways are also behind the screen. With small spacing application scope, the disadvantages of 'take up space' has become more prominent, abandon the traditional maintenance after the channel is imperative. As the saying goes: 'easier said than done,' to create a 'maintenance' before the small distance between LED display needs to solve many problems, in this respect, made a lot of exploration technology, designed the magnetic suction completely before the maintenance plan, remove the front all maintenance operation, design and manufacture of small distance between the LED screen, screen lighter, better bring visual experience, product more expressive, yes, it is one of the representative products. Current, small spacing LED display is entering a rapid development period, users pay more attention to the screen's experience and sense of design, makes the continuously improve appearance design, easy to use, the small distance between the screen full of fashionable aesthetic feeling more popular, developing before maintaining small spacing of screen time. In product development, technology explore various aspects, such as increasing; To provide excellent you, cost-effective good screen.
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