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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-07
With comprehensively promote urban construction and the improvement of people's living standard, family the advertising market in China are growing very rapidly. Family the advertising market in the past always is one of the main led display, led display is with high brightness, wide perspective and environmental advantages of strong adaptability, has become the darling of the market. Now, as the led display industry of fierce competition, all kinds of creative display new, emerging constantly. If the birth of the special-shaped screen module will promote the development of creative LED display, the flexible module, is the creative development of LED display more open, a big step in the LED display! In recent years, with led display creative more and more high, the general abnormity screen module have been able to let the led display like million dollar man realize all kinds of multivariant style, but in a long time before, led abnormity screen are made by traditional rectangular planar module assembling or package edge, such as common and circular arc screen panel. In a radian is small, display form, however, more complex cases, abnormity modules of spelling and serging appear problem flat-fell seam and flatness, causing the display shows inconsistencies, Mosaic, etc. , make the whole display effect is not good, in order to solve the problem of scientific research team after all sorts of difficulties and obstacles, make final developed 'soft module'. It is known that the LED soft module of many advantages is generally curved screen. Soft module, LED display screen for different screen junction surface is different from traditional traditional PCB is fiberglass material, strong and flexible module is equipped with high strength core core connection device, using the flexible insulating base material made of a flexible FPC PCB, mask and pan adopts high temperature resistant, resistant to bending of the silicone material, high strength of compressive strength and the ability to resist distortion, can perfect solve various 'beating around the bush, coma' installation difficult problem. Installation is given priority to with strong magnetic absorption column, 'a packed into' installation method. Magnetic suction installation with conventional indoor screen as simple installation, and rapid joint connection of casing connections are adopted, and disassemble because it is strong and reliable. Which solved the problem of the display on also solved the problem of the installation, one pace reachs the designated position. And the module also can be finished according to customer demand, customized shape, meet the diversified needs of customers, reveal a custom personalization, then can be directly adsorption, implementation step installation. Now manufacturing under the premise of big development, the quantity and quality of the manufacturing for many companies is not a problem, then fairly, in all respects to be competitive, the best way is to innovation as the breakthrough point. On the national policy in our country has been advocating and vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development. For enterprises, is to improve the independent innovation ability. In addition to attention to quality, people pay more and more attention to the creative development, flexible screens available will be recognized by the customer. In particular, China's socialist cultural construction culture cause this link advancement and prosperity, cultural performances in class activities, the application of flexible LED screen demand will increase greatly, also will be more broad application! To create each exciting scene!
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