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You or someone you care about may have high blood pressure.
About one out of every three American adults has this disease (
Including 70% of people aged 65 and over).
It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and premature death.
But measuring your numbers regularly with the best home blood pressure monitor can control these problems, which can help you stay alive.
\"Patients can get immediate feedback and they can see if their medication or lifestyle changes work,\" said Marvin M . \"Lipman, M. D.
Chief Medical Advisor for Consumer Reports.
This is good for health.
For example, a study found that people who monitor blood pressure at home are unlikely to need multiple drugs to control blood pressure levels (27 vs. 43 percent)
More patients were able to stop taking these drugs altogether.
Our latest tests have found several trustworthy models.
In order to find the best home blood pressure monitor, you need to know the following points.
Learn how to reduce blood pressure and the best medicine to treat high blood pressure. Thirty-
Two Consumer Reports
Men and women of different ages and blood pressure ranges-
Let them read about four weeks each day on the left or right.
Each person uses a different monitor every day.
We compared their readings to the mercury pressure gauge used by the doctor\'s office to measure accuracy.
Other factors we consider when looking for the best home blood pressure monitoring equipment are ease of use and comfort.
Some highlights: wrist displays are often not as accurate as ARM models, perhaps because it is difficult to make sure they are aligned correctly at your heart level.
Consumer reports do not recommend wrist models for any tests.
In contrast, we found four arm models worth recommending, including two best purchases reported by consumers.
Make sure it has a cuff that fits your upper arm before purchasing the arm model.
The perimeter of most devices is at least 9 to 13 inch, but about 45% of men and 30% of women need different sizes.
\"So consider models that fit multiple sizes,\" said Sue Booth, head of advanced testing programs for Consumer Reports . \".
\"This will allow multiple people to use the same machine without having to purchase additional sleeves.
\"Some machines include two sleeve sizes.
The best blood pressure is the upper limit (or systolic)
Mercury below 120 (mmHg)and a lower (or diastolic)
The figure is below 80 HG. (
The higher number shows the pressure when your heart beats;
The lower the number, the greater the pressure between the beats. )
According to the experts of our consumer report best buy, if the number remains above 140/90, people under 60 should usually start taking drugs;
More than 150/90 of the elderly.
But the level may change a lot.
At home and in the doctor\'s office, take these steps to make your reading accurate: go to the bathroom first.
Do not smoke, exercise or take in anything that is caffeine at least an hour ago.
Sit quietly for 5 minutes before reading.
Keep your legs non-crossed, your feet flat on the floor and support your back.
Pull your sleeves up so that the cuff can turn around your bare arm.
Put the arm on the table so that the cuff is at the heart level.
Keep quiet during testing.
Measure at the same time every day.
Levels tend to rise steadily throughout the day, usually peaking in the middle of the afternoon.
Who should be monitoring at home?
People with high blood pressure should definitely monitor their levels at home.
Other persons to be considered for monitoring, including the elderly (
Its levels may vary)
People with \"white\"
High blood pressure in coats \"(
Soaring levels in the doctor\'s office)
And people with diabetes (
Blood pressure control is especially important for WHO). —Sue Byrne (
Follow me on Twitter @ SueCRHealth. )
The article also appeared in the May 2015 issue of Consumer Reports.
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