Feeling comes from the unique 'centralized power supply technology and high standard' - 'material USES' Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-07
Recently, small make up have seen such a news: somewhere because supply cannot satisfy the local electricity consumption, the government decided to take blacked out points to relieve the power supply insufficient reason. As people material life level rise, more and more families in terms of electricity consumption demand increases, coupled with The Times in the progress of science and technology is developing more and more enterprises, occasions are using artificial intelligence instead of manual labor to improve labor productivity. LED display as a large electrical appliances with long work. How to save energy has become the most popular research and development of each big LED display manufacturer. Save electricity means to save resources, greatly improve the efficiency of resource utilization, somebody else once electricity support an hour that nearly twice as much as we can, it apparently created a competitive advantage. This is sign of The Times. Is so, can always grasp the pulse of The Times, grasp the market research trend. The team when it comes to save electricity via research and development, optimization, and then optimized finally developed a patented technology - — Centralized power supply centralized power supply is what? How do we pass the technology to improve efficiency of resource utilization? The advantages of centralized power supply scheme is unified control and management of power supply scheme, reduce the use of engineering cable, beautification projects go line by etc. Don't like smartphones can only through the single point touch N years ago, but today the most optimal multi-touch, through in the breakthrough of multiple point to improve, mutual help save electricity performance improvement, achieve maximum benefit. The concentration of the centralized power supply of the power supply technology and common technology, it can not only by reducing the use of engineering cable to achieve power-saving effect, on the screen between the various modules and the modules can be unified management by the technology. Science and technology, the good thing is always able to benefit all aspects of the different, is committed to research, the upgrading of the technological content of led display, also make the screen in the ordinary screen led off, has the advantages of make it so special. These KeJiDian is both sides benefit groups, even if has a greater competitive advantage, and use our products customers save more additional spending, is both. It is divided into a piece of cake, win-win cooperation is one of the most ideal state. At this point the breakthrough also equivalent to achieve a win-win situation on both sides. In order to achieve the goal of both save electricity and reduce the security hidden danger, the module has also done a lot of research material. If compared to a person, then compared it to a close, trying to be the ideal boyfriend apt, multiple aspects of optimization, do the best service to customers, let customers at ease, satisfied. For the material of LED products, indoor and outdoor and hire all have their own opinions: indoor relative outdoor LED display and leasing material cost is low, because inside will not affected by bad weather, against corrosion and so on demand doesn't need so high; However, outdoor LED display is the most main consideration of the heat and corrosion problem, the high temperature of the weather, combined with the work the heat generated by the high internal temperature will make the production enclosure, accumulate over a long period of corrosion on the product box down rain also has certain security hidden danger to the outdoor enclosure so mainly consider to heat and corrosion problems; Rental screen focuses on relatively light, not easy to deformation problem, as the lease screen fluidity big, mainly considering the various product disassembly problem to choose material. So to sum up, this is the reason why you choose us, choose us is choose, choose rest assured! To create each exciting scene!
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