Dujiangyan city I township kiwi museum - p4 indoor full color led display screen commissioning to complete LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Dujiangyan city I township kiwi museum p4 outdoor full-color led display debugging is completed, according to understand I township is located in the northeastern city of dujiangyan, PuYang town, the west HongKou Township, with professional town south dujiangyan city, north town, pengzhou magnetic peak. Entire town jurisdiction over 12 administrative villages, a community residents' committees. Area 1 population. 490000 people, including: agricultural population of 1. 250000 people. The vast area of 59. 1 square kilometers. , it is this magical place of origin is the country's main plant kiwi fruit. This time I township kiwi p4 full-color led display in the museum of successful installation, kiwi museum not only means more and more regularized development is becoming more and more powerful, and more kiwi clothed in science museum, so why do indoor full color led display screen so popular with the market chase? Because 'xin' brand led display main advantages, system work under low load operation, long-term reliable operation to provide basic guarantee for system; To adapt to changes in environmental light intensity and the functions of automatically or manually adjust the brightness, effective energy saving and prevent light pollution at night 2, fine processing of the video signal ( Gray nonlinear correction, color space conversion, motion compensation, image noise reduction processing, etc. ) , greatly improve the color reproduction, to realize the high quality of images; USES pixel brightness point by point by color correction, make the whole screen luminance uniformity of the actual control under 5%, has reached the international advanced level 3, compatible computer and all kinds of signal system, the software can provide a variety of fonts display and a variety of access screen mode of display content, convenient for various editing and broadcasting signal, to adapt to the advertisement propaganda, information transmission, the realization of the cultural entertainment functions need p4 indoor full color led display can I township kiwi more successful cases in the field of food museum museum, is the led display, led lighting engineering of affirmation and trust, as gratitude in 2015 will also continue to develop more and better new products.
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