Double color led display screen what are the advantages?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
The double color led display screen because of many advantages, is widely used in the super market, hotel, railway stations, subway, Banks and enterprises exhibition, etc. Learned from a data report that over the past few years companies for double color led display screen is more and more big purchase quantity, it is enough to see the screen well. There are many customers friends don't know, for the display good wei source photoelectric below small make up to introduce for you. 1, colour more rich double color led display screen color is very rich, the customer made video color more, also won't affect it on video on the definition, than traditional screen image more clear, and have administrative levels feeling, advertising information promotion effect for the enterprise. 2, the display mode diversification double color display is to support a variety of display mode, meet the different needs of customers, do you want to put pictures, video, figure can be dynamic. 3, longer service life of the service life of the professional manufacturer produces double color display is very long, for small and medium-sized enterprises purchase the display screen can be used for a long time do not need to change, ordinary screens may be used for a period of time is broken to replace a batch, and need to install the cost and purchasing cost. 4, operating system, simple traditional display the operating system is very complex, employees will only be used after training, and double color led display screen system operation is very simple, it USES is gm's video player software, over newcomers are operation again. What advantage double color led display screen is introduced to the side, because the display price mainly has relationship with the manufacturer, in order to let everybody to buy cost-effective display screen, friend is also suggested that all our customers, to choose a regular famous shenzhen led display manufacturers to buy. There are three methods which led display words instead of nanjing
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