Double color led display in use process should pay attention to these points

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Now double color led display has been popularized the use, but the use of life is still a big problem, there are quite a few users reflect, install screen use time is not long, there have been various problems of order. That may not be the screen its own problems, because according to our experience, some screen itself is good, because of the use right way, at ordinary times maintain undeserved, led to a variety of failure, here to tell you use screen should pay attention to some points. 1, check the soundness of the items within the screen. When using double color led display, pay attention to regularly check the stability of the parts, especially the stability of the structure, the general design of the steel structure will not shake, but there are also some special cases, so you need to regularly check the maintenance personnel, not solid place timely reinforcement. And before the disaster weather arrives, to check the stability of some connectors, use security. 2, check the product is not good if you buy the double color led display is bad product, after joining together well, found that it takes a lot of time and energy for debugging. So to purchase, check the good product quality problems in advance, generally to check once a month, timely replacement and maintenance. 3, LED headlamp unit for maintenance and cleaning. In the process of using double color led display, chy-tech inevitably exist dust and water, if it is not clear for a long time, will affect its display effect, time is long also fault and short circuit may occur. So regularly to clean, take out most of the problems timely, to ensure that display device used for a long time. How to clean a full-color led display
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