Don't pick stage rental LED display? Some open to see see

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
In a large performance, evening party, star concert, event, we can see all kinds of stage rental LED display. So what is the stage rental LED display? Choose stage rental LED display need to pay attention to what problem? Answer these questions one by one below small make up to you. 吗? 吗? A, stage rental LED display, is applied to the LED display of the stage background, the best feature of this screen is to be able to provide abundant stage background, the performance will be vivid images and the perfect combination of shock effect of music, build a grand and has contemporary feeling extremely spectacle; And large can play game, clear picture, can let a person produce a feeling of intimacy, the traditional visual experience. 吗? 吗? Stage 2, stage LED display by the home screen, screen, and expand the screen. The function of the home screen is live and highlight replays, generally choose hd LED display rectangle, point spacing generally within the P6, the larger the area the better, which can show the scene smoothly on the stage in front of a live audience. On either side of the home screen to configure several piece of vice screen, vice screen can choose to form a special creative LED display screen, like a s-shaped curved surface, such as flexible LED screen, LED cylindrical screen abnormity screen. If the budget is limited, the side panel you can also choose to use lower cost of the screen. Stage video expansion screen is commonly used in super large stage, concerts, etc. , the back to take care of the audience, let all the audience can clearly see everything on the stage. 吗? 吗? Three, stage LED display in addition to the screen to choose is very important, you also need to choose a suitable control system. Under normal circumstances, the stage LED display area is larger, pixels high, high to send card points requirement, sometimes need more control the cascade splicing control card. If you want to display effect is better, we usually need to use the video processor, this video can be joining together and shear, realize multi-window, picture in picture, strong scalability, video effect is more smooth. 吗? 吗? Fourth, due to the particularity of the stage LED display, generally USES the standardized housing structure, easy tear open outfit, quality is light, easy to transport. Body of light, quick installation, dismantle and transport, suitable for large area rental and fixed installation applications. Warm prompt: in order to ensure the secure and stable operation of the stage LED display, display using company must LED display using professional knowledge training of operating personnel.
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