Don't let the LED display to become 'smart'

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-28
After years of development, the LED display screen has gradually shed traditional shows, market of high-profile became the LED display screen, small spacing transparent screen, LED lattice LED screen and LED abnormity smart display screen, etc. No matter how intelligent display, however, it is worth attention, the current research and development of intelligent LED display products should be aimed at user level operators to design, to solve the real pain points required by the user. Powerful giant colour related people think domestic actual just displays, LED display industry focus is from the three aspects to solve the 'smart' show the pain points of demand. Domestic application management intelligent intelligent LED large screen can achieve more easy and convenient management, for example can monitor the working state of the current LED large screen is normal, each module, such as power supply if there is any damage or malfunction, so no time, also save a lot of cost. Domestic intelligent broadcast content management generally intelligent LED large screen not only can achieve real-time networking, can also according to the specific audience to directional push effective contents, and related data analysis, do the LED large screen content accurately. Including all kinds of fashion now 'WeChat scan code manipulation of LED large screen', 'play games' and AR etc. The increase of the content is the management of the domestic broadcast content, their ultimate goal is to play a maximum value of LED screen. Domestic operating intelligent most end users are professional, in the face of large and complex, interface installed layers of nested intelligent LED screen, for most users without professional training, their many intelligent functions are being eroded, and didn't get the real use, this also is the current many clients for some intelligent LED display products don't catch a cold. Today, some enterprises have gradually realized the necessity of simplified operation, some similar to the commonly used mobile phones, such as WeChat APP combines mode of operation, in order to further implement the led large screen intelligent simple operation. The so-called intelligent LED display at the very least to have a 'smart' master, make intelligent LED display has its own 'brain', rather than as it has in the past to control the LED display screen with a computer. And the future of intelligent LED display products, in addition to technology and quality of, also need to accurately segment on 'difference' brand in market, enterprises need the LED screen on rental market, commercial display, high-end meetings, monitoring, intelligent transportation, and so on different niche products and market agriculture, screen are also be careful not to blindly 'high, worship, deep' screwing, more should consider the actual user pain points according to the specific situation to do the most suitable products, it may be to win market recognition.
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