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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
The 21st century is the age of a young, full color LED display in the advertisement, performances, party, press releases and other large-scale activities, but the stability of the screen plays an important role in the whole process, especially the performance activities of the kind of LED display of the assembly at the scene, easy to carry. In order to achieve better visual Angle, and better video animation display effect, not only to the requirement of the display to easy installation and debugging, have high stability. So how to ensure stability and the best effect of video display screen? Key to display working stability of the material has a simple portable hob, display cabinet, power cord, video receiving card connector we requirement for material selection for: the Angle iron or aluminum alloy stents reached a certain bearing units, simple and strong body, famous manufacturers to provide products and accessories, must go through a variety of tests and wire's ability to resist bad environment, For example, waterproof, warm, corrosion resistance, heat) So while guarantee beautiful fashion, but also to ensure good heat dissipation and fast assembly splicing system control scheme of each link with functions of real-time backup, including sending, receiving equipment, video signal transmission cable, it can guarantee the system some point unexpected situation, system can automatically diagnose and at very fast speed switching to the backup device working, the whole process of switch will not affect the display effect. Such as: to meet the demand of the scenes, display need to be here on live radio, mobile splicing model. If staff due to negligence or other reasons, among the screen of a display signal input lines, there was a loose in conventional control scheme, the beginning of loose body, to signal the end of the cascade, all display will be no signal. If add the hot backup plan in control system, in the moment, loose line hot backup function start, display can still work normally, will not bring any influence to live. Real-time monitor the working state of the display screen can use a computer, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, and a cooling fan working condition and so on. Can happen to automatically adjust the situation of the various processing, to provide location and alarm for abnormal. For example, when a case because of the environment or other factors lead to housing internal temperature is higher, so in the absence of timely treatment, the box body internal power over temperature protection will happen at any time. If in this case to display working state monitoring, the working state of the system will adjust through the intelligence screen to reduce the internal temperature of the display screen. When intelligent adjustment can not reduce the temperature to set a goal, the system will alarm by staff set, and provides the abnormal body position, inform the staff handle in time. Ensure the normal work of the screen. Inform the customer, because of the stage, performing special occasions need led display, such as must be from material selection, hardware design, system control scheme and so on various aspects of the comprehensive consideration, not covet is cheap, penny wise and pound foolish
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