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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Do fine cultural creative industrial park of custom outdoor full-color led display, new appearance, Seneca creative cultural industrial park is located in known as the 'star of China township' shenzhen longgang district cross bar street, the environment elegant and comfortable. Overlook it lists contain Diane wutong mountain, near round green such as washing the kuanyinshan, pond pit reservoir gameshow, bodhisattva seated aloof purdue, a row of unaware tiancheng crops to humanities and natural freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese. Park first phase covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, construction area of about 30000 square meters, with a total investment of 80 million yuan, with printing the historical and cultural museum, the ancient and modern calligraphy and painting hall, senior creative culture square, painting and calligraphy exhibition center, digital printing center and printing on both sides of the four functional areas such as community exchange center. Such a nice place, of course, to deserve to go up a high-end outdoor full-color led display of the atmosphere. This used for outdoor display screen is made by the led display in shenzhen, covers an area of 234 square meters, building on the top of the gate in high-rise buildings, is near to merchants, this design not only beautiful and able to bear or endure look, more increased led display to view Angle. In all directions by car can see all kinds of images on the screen at a distance. And with the driving of car, display the picture closer, also can present different visual experience by far and near. Due to the screen installed in the outside, the road dust, the wind is bigger, more humid and rainy weather, plus the shenzhen this to display dustproof and waterproof ability is huge test. So the design of the whole screen reached IP65 protection class, not only can completely dustproof, will also be able to completely waterproof, guarantee the display in the heavy rain, wind, dust and other bad weather can also be used. In addition to the screen using the cooling system, display screen on the back of the joined the gree air conditioning heat extraction, has good heat dissipation effect, can make screen longer continuous use, the whole life also increased greatly. Case all over the country blossom everywhere, is good news, do you have any concerns about our outdoor full-color led display is not professional? Want more details, please contact the national free hotline 4008-24 hours a day 368 - 386
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