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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
As is known to all, LED display is a semiconductor light emitting diode control through the display mode, used to display text, graphics, images, video, video, animation, market signal and all kinds of information of the display. LED display, LED display manufacturers under the basic semiconductor digital tube LED display is composed of seven strip light emitting diode chip sorted by figure 12. Can be 0 ~ 9 shows. Its specific structure has 'reflector type', 'seven stages' bar and 'more than monolithic integrated digital' and so on. 1, the reflector type digital tube is generally made with white plastic reflective cavity seven sections of the shell, a single LED to stick with each other seven reflex reflector cavity counterpoint of printed circuit boards, each reflection cavity at the bottom of the center position is the LED chip. Before install reflector, bonding way between the chip and corresponding metal printed circuit even good phi 30 microns of silicon aluminium wire or metal wire, drip into the epoxy resin in the reflector, and it is an act of printed circuit board and the chip reflector counterpoint glue, and curing. Reflector type digital tube free way of packaging seal and seal two kinds. Solid seal way with scattering agent of epoxy resin and dye, mainly used for one or two position device. Empty sealing way is on the top cover with filter and optical film, in order to improve the reliability of the device, must be in the chips and base plate coated with transparent insulation adhesive, it can also improve the efficiency of light. This approach is generally used in more than four digital display, Or symbol display) 。 2, the bar seven sections of digital tube belongs to hybrid packaging form. It is the well tube core gallium phosphide or gallium phosphide wafer, as it contains one or several LED bar, and then stick the same seven in stud the kovar 'box, even in the good lead by bonding process, using epoxy resin coating. More than 3, monolithic integrated digital display is in luminescent material substrate ( Wafer) , the use of integrated circuit technology to produce a large number of seven segment digital display graphics, qualified chips selected via scribing, registration on the printed circuit board, with a lead wire bonding process, and then cover them with 'fisheye lens' shell. They apply to small digital instrument. 4, matrix tube ( Light emitting diode matrix) Also can be used more than similar to monolithic integrated digital display process. 5, symbol of pipe, rice word production way is similar to digital tube.
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