Display manufacturer rankings is the power to see, is decided by many aspects

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Rise of many companies in the display industry fast development, there are some friends wanted to know the led electronic display manufacturers, there is no accurate answers, most of the time because you want to save, just look at some online ranking information directly, but the reference is not high, you need to do is to really understand each manufacturer behind the information, read this information, you will know the real rankings. One and understand the information of the manufacturer is behind the screen manufacturer ranked behind is learned, sometimes we have to look to the manufacturer is behind the creation of information, and the process of development, the product features, application for a patent for the corresponding r&d team and technology, these will affect the future display the benefit of the manufacturer, so it is very important, these information indirectly affect the rankings. Second, the summary manufacturer sales data in an industry or a type of display, if you want to display manufacturer who better position, direct approach is to see the recent period of time how it sales, sales is recognized for its market, the meaning behind it is very big. 3, should pay more attention to the manufacturer's reputation a manufacturer want to have good ranking in the industry, so it should have a good reputation, reputation is closely linked to product quality and the manufacturer. As customers always want to know as soon as possible to display manufacturer rankings, but each customer requirements are different, we can put together specific multiple manufacturers, gather information, compare the difference between the manufacturers, so you can find the most suitable for our factory and products. Full-color displays outdoor use must pay attention to the electrostatic, the influence of the temperature
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